Flint Hills Shakespeare Festival
27010 W. Highway 24
St. Marys, KS 66536

contact by email preferred
Phone: (785) 844-1698

Inclement Weather:
    • Before leaving for the show or festival, check the local weather forecast.
    • Cancellation may occur well in advance if it is obvious that the weather will not be improving and it will be posted on our Facebook page.
    • The show may be cancelled due to rain, excessive wind, or mud

    • Parking is free.
    • Walking shoes are recommended.
    • The festival takes place in a wooded area.
    • There may be some form of transportation available for those who need  or request it. 
Seating - Blankets and Chairs:
    • There is no assigned seating unless you are a festival sponsor.
    • Seating/blanket area is first come first serve.
    • You are responsible for bringing your own blankets and/or chairs.
    • Please call in advance if you know you might have special seating needs.
    • Picnicking is encouraged.

    • Portable bathrooms are available for your convenience.
    • There will be one handicapped temporary restroom available.
    • There are vendors at the festival selling food and drink. (Turkey legs are a festival favorite)
    • Enjoy your meal before or during the show.
    • There will be credit card payment options available. 

Alcohol Policy:
    • Alcohol will be available at the festival.
    • Consumption of alcohol by minors is strictly prohibited.

Dress Warmly:
    • Please remember that this is an outdoor event in September. It can become quite chilly after sundown.
    • Please dress warmly.
    • Walking shoes are recommended

    • Children are welcome. Children must be attended by at least one parent.
Emergency Phone Number:

In the event of an emergency, someone needing to contact an attendee at the festival may call 785-844-1698. A staff member will help locate the individual.

Get Directions To:
Mount Calvary Drive and 2nd Street
St Marys KS 66536